The benefits of musical education

There are lot’s of scientific studies which show the importance of music education playing an important role in the development of the brains of children. Music education has a positive effect on the confidence of the children, their development of social skills, memory and learning in general.

Read this very nice article to learn more about the many benefits of music education.


The reason I started this course

I noticed that there’s a lack of music education on a lot of schools worldwide and I decided to do something about it. Normally someone has to attend a 4 or 5 year intensive music study (like a conservatory) to become a certified music teacher. Although these are very good and complete studies I found a very accessible way to teach people to become a Kids Vocal Coach within a year, or even sooner depending on someone’s previous musical activities. During the singing lessons the musical ears are trained with the cheapest instrument available …the voice.

I’m a mum of three and they all enjoy music. My youngest daughter used to attend a singing group which I directed during her childhood until her 18th. I was teaching a lot of children’s groups at that time and in some cases, when I couldn’t do the job, my daughter took over. She couldn’t play the piano or guitar so I gave her a plan which contained instrumentals of vocal exercises, a canon and a popular song. I went through the plan with her, practised what she has to do with the children and it always worked out well. I did the same with a friend of mine who was working at a day care and she wanted to sing with the children. Eventhough she did not have the same experience as my daughter, also in her case it worked out well. The children were even performing and singing on key, in the right timing and with a good posture. The idea to make custom made, music teaching plans for children, added with personal coaching was born!